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Who We Are

Who We Are

We are open and welcome everybody who is interested in working with us (please see the description of our ongoing projects). The list below includes people who are active, i.e., have made a substantial commitment of their time to DSL in the last few semesters.

NOTE To mislead crawlers collecting e-mail addresses all @ characters in e-mail addresses below have been replaced with -AT-.

Current Members

 Marek J. Druzdzel  e-mail Associate Professor, DIST, ISP
 Roger R. Flynn  e-mail Associate Professor, DIST
 Martijn de Jongh  e-mail DIST, Ph.D.
 Tomek D. Loboda  e-mail DIST, Ph.D
 Parot Ratnapinda  e-mail DIST, Ph.D.
 Mark Voortman  e-mail DIST, Ph.D.
 Adam Zagorecki  e-mail DIST, Ph.D.

Past Members

 Stephen C. Birnie  e-mail MSIS 1996 Currently with US steel
 Jeroen Bogers  e-mail DSL Visiting Scholar Nov 96 - Jul 97 Currently with the ABN-AMRO Bank, The Netherlands
 Girish Chavan  e-mail       
 Jian Cheng       
 Denver Dash     Currently with Intel
 Daniel Garcia-Sanchez  e-mail       
 David A. Gingrich  e-mail       
 Joris Hulst       
 Nancy A. Jackson  e-mail MSIS 1996 Currently with Carnegie Group, Inc.
 Joost R. Koiter       
 Pieter Kraaijeveld       
 Yan Lin  e-mail       
 Tsai-Ching Lu  e-mail Ph.D. 2003 Currently with HRL Laboratories
 Paul Maaskant       
 Agnieszka Onisko Ph.D. 2003   
 Hans Ove Ringstad  e-mail       
 Hong Shi  e-mail MSIS 1995 Currently with Bell Atlantic (also a doctoral student at Columbia University)
 Xiao Xun Sun       
 Peter Sutovsky       
 Carl P.R. Thijssen  e-mail DSL Visiting Scholar Oct 98 - Jul 99 M.Sc. 1999, Delft University of Technology   
 Daniel Tomalesky  e-mail BSCS 1999 Currently with Business Data Services
 Hans van Leijen  e-mail DSL Visiting Scholar Feb - Aug 97 Currently with Everest, The Netherlands
 Haiqin Wang  e-mail       
 Changhe Yuan  e-mail       
 Zaijiang Yuan DSL Visiting Scholar 97- 98 Currently with Institute of Beijing Information Technology

by Tomek D Loboda and Mark Voortman