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One of the main goals of the Decision Systems Laboratory is to provide a stimulating teaching environment for students in disciplines related to intelligent information processing and, in particular, to computational tools that aid decision making. While most of our full-time members are current or future doctoral students, we welcome M.S. and undergraduate students interested in challenging research opportunities. We believe that working on real projects and interaction with other students and faculty members is a valuable enhancement to coursework and provides a truly learning experience.

Work within the laboratory can normally earn you course credit. Furthermore, this credit can be earned in a flexible way -there are no classroom meeting and no homework assignments, there is just a challenging task to be completed at your pace and at your convenience. Of course, there are meetings, but they depend mainly on your need (we organize also occasional informal social gettogethers, such as a canoeing weekend in June in northwestern Pennsylvania). We have a good number of interesting projects for students interested in working on an independent study, a M.S. Thesis, or a Ph.D dissertation. The prerequisites for joining our group are: interest in scientific research and good humor. (Although we have had a good track in curing impairments in both motivation and humor.) A good first step, if you are interested in joining, is to explore our web pages, and in particular, to look at the description of some of our current research projects. The second step is to get in touch with any of us.

by Tomek D Loboda and Mark Voortman