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Welcome !

Welcome !

Decision Systems Laboratory is a research group within the Department of Information Science and Telecommunications and the Intelligent Systems Program at the University of Pittsburgh.

Our mission is maintaining a research and teaching environment for faculty and students interested in the development of techniques and systems that support decision making under uncertainty.

Our methods include theoretical work, system building, and empirical studies. We rely on probabilistic, decision-theoretic, and econometric techniques combined with artificial intelligence approaches.


Forum: Problems with the forum2007-11-27
We have been relying on a commercial site ( for the GeNIe/SMILE forum. The site has been down for the last few days (we have been unable to contact the owners) and we have opened up a local forum. Unfortunately, there is a good chance that we will have lost all posts on the forum.
Documentation: Wiki-style documentation2007-11-27
We are the process of moving all documentation to the Wiki format. This will facilitate more efficient modifications and enhancement of the documentation as well as allow our users to modify the documentation. Please stay tuned for an official release (estimated release date: January 2008).

by Tomek D Loboda and Mark Voortman